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September 2, 2013
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  Alyssa glanced down at the chat every time a new person joined. “Alright, are we all here?” she inquired, scanning all the people standing in front of her.

  “Everyone except Jerome,” Mitch replied.

ASF Jerome has joined the game

  “I’m here~!” Jerome announced with a small twirl.

  “…Okay then, I guess…” Sky adjusted his shades. “I’m going to start recording.”

  The room was in an awkward silence for a moment while he set up. Sky cleared his throat and began speaking, “Hey, guys, Sky here, and I am with Alyssa, Velvet, Mitch, Ty, Jordan, and Bodil, and today we are playing Cops and Robbers 3.0. What is Cops and Robbers, Mitch?”

  Alyssa listened while Mitch began explaining how the game worked then looked up when Ty asked who the warden should be.

  “I vote Jardon!” Velvet stated.

  Alyssa nodded. “Me too!”

  Bodil giggled. “I agree too!”

  Jordan rolled his eyes and jumped on the pressure plate. Alyssa waited as she was teleported into one of the cells and looked around to see who was with her: Bodil and Mitch. “Hey, Warden Sparkley Pants, where’d you go?” she called out.

  Jordan stepped through the entrance, placing a glittering blue helmet on his head. “I’m right here!”

  Bodil began laughing again and Alyssa turned to the direction he was looking and also began giggling. Jerome had broken through the wall. Again.

  “Alright, that’s enough! Looks like one silly little bacca needs a trip to solitary,” Jordan said, flipping the lever that opened the door. All at once, everyone rushed out of the door and began sprinting towards the hallway door. “Hey! Where are you going?!” Jordan demanded, running after them.

  “We’re just going to play some b-ball, Warden Sparklez!” Alyssa called over her shoulder.

  “But I need some food first!” Velvet protested.

  “Right. Food first then b-ball,” Sky said opening one of the chests.

  “Have you ever noticed how the bread in the chests are in the shape of fish?” Alyssa snickered.

  Velvet nodded. “Yeah, I have!”

  Jordan appeared in doorway, opening his own chest to grab his bread.

  “Yum. These croissants are delicious!” Sky said, nibbling on a piece of bread.

  “You know, I’m not really in the mood for croissants,” Alyssa commented. “Ty, can I eat your foot?” She smiled as Bodil began giggling.

  “Haha, very funny,” Ty replied, snatching another piece.

  “Can we play b-ball now?” Sky groaned with impatience.

  Jerome nodded. “Let’s go~!”

  Alyssa stood up from where she was sitting on a chest and ran back out into the hallway. She raced to the staircase until she got outside in the basketball court. She watched as the others came up and noticed as Bodil reached the last step he accidently bumped into Jordan and blushed. Jordan also blushed.

  “Do I see some Sparklez40 happening right now?” Velvet asked with a snicker.

  Alyssa rapidly nodded her head. “Let’s ship it!”

  Velvet laughed. “We’ve made a new ship!”

  “It’s not a ship!” Jordan and Bodil argued in chorus, immediately blushing again afterwards.

  Velvet smirked. “I have an idea. Let’s play Truth or Dare!”

  Sky nodded. “I want to go first!”

  “No, I’m going first because I came up with the idea,” Velvet told him. “So, Jordan, truth or dare?”

  “Dare!” Jordan replied boldly.

  “Okay, I dare you to kiss Bodil!”

  Jordan jumped. “No! No! No! I want to chicken out for this one!”

  “Sorry, Jordan, no chickens this round.”

  Jordan groaned and glanced at Bodil.

  “Also, it has to last for at least five seconds,” Alyssa piped up.

  Velvet nodded in agreement.

  “What?! No fair!” Jordan argued.

  “Sorry, you chose dare.”

  “Do it! Do it! Do it!” Sky began chanting and everyone else began to join in.

  Bodil smiled and looked at Jordan. “Come on, it can’t be that bad,” he urged him.

  Jordan sighed. “Fine. Let’s get this over with.” Jordan leaned in and his lips met Bodil’s.

  Alyssa forced herself to hold back a snicker as Mitch typed a heart in the chat.

  After a few seconds, Jordan leaned back while Bodil sighed happily.

  Sky began giggling.

  “I’m glad you think this is funny, Sky,” Alyssa said. “Because you and Ty are next.”

  “Wait, what?!” Sky and Ty said together.

  Alyssa nodded. “I dare you two to kiss!”

  “Oh, some Skylox is happening here!” Velvet snickered.

  “Just as long as we don’t have any Merome in here!” Mitch sighed.

  “Oh, don’t worry. There won’t,” Alyssa reassured him. “Anywho, Sky and Ty need to get to it.”

  Sky groaned and grabbed Ty, pulling him in and kissing him on the lips. After five seconds he let go with a sigh.

  “This never happened, agreed?” Ty said to Sky.

  “Well, I am recording right now…”

  Ty facepalmed. “Dammit!”

  “Um, guys? Did you see where Alyssa and Velvet went?” Jerome asked.

  “They’re right there,” Jordan said, pointing to where they were sitting.

  “No! These are cardboards!” Jerome argued, holding them both up.

  Just then, they looked at the chat as it read:

Another prisoner has reached the boat!
Another prisoner has reached the boat!
<lucariorules100> See you guys later! We’re on our way to Minecon! <3
<Velvetkitteh> We’ll say hi to the others for ya!
<CaptainSparklez> …Dammit.
<Bodil40> Can someone dare Sparklez to kiss me again?
<SkyTheKidRS> y?
<Bodil40> …no reason.
<lucariorules100> Sparklez40!
<BajanCanadian> <3
Based off what me and :iconvelvetkitteh: did in an Omegle chat! We've made a new ship! <3
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